From door handles to aeroplanes, most designs start with a prototype. We have a number of years experience in assisting and designing prototype parts for customers.

We will be able to meet with you and design your ideas or offer design solutions to problems you may be facing.

Our design software gives excellent visual presentation of digital parts, allowing the customer to view components before going into the manufacturing stage. 

Production Components

One of the needs of our customers is to get the highest number of components out of material usage. Our software program is able to do just this. By using our material more efficiently, it means we get more components from the base material, and are able to machine faster because less material is removed.

Our production component facilities are geared to meet your manufacturing needs.

Moulds and Dies

 With the use of our cutting-edge design software, we are able to offer innovative moulds and dies to meet your needs.

Combine our cutting-edge technology with our industry experience and you'll get a product that is going to work well for you.


One of the best things about virtual simulation is that we can detect, in a virtual environment, whether a design or idea is going to be feasable before any cost on material and machining has been incurred.

We are able to run such checks as collision detection and wear simulation to provide you with a presentation before going to the manufacturing stage. This will save both time and money, and will give a visual representation of how the product will function. 


With the use of our design software, we are able to produce industry standard drawings. These drawings can incorporate precision dimensions and tolerances, and can be used from the purchasing or manufacturing stage right up to the final quality inspection stage from 2D to 3D.

Contact us for all your drawing needs. 

Jigs and Fixtures

We have designed a number of jigs and fixtures for companies involved in the automotive industry. These jigs specialise in measuring the critical areas highlighted by engineers. Jigs are manufactured to the highest machine tolerances and measurements are verified by CMM. This means that the fixture accurately portrays the design accuracy.