Production Component Machining

With our network of prodution-orientated machine shops, we are able to offer excellent turnarounds and low production costs.

We have a number of CNC and manual machines that are able to manufacture high-quality components efficiently. 


For components or machine parts that are not standard items, we offer a fabrication facility that is able to manufacture a variety of fabricated components.

Contact us to discuss your fabrication needs.


 With years of experience in injection moulding and press tools, we are able to offer a high quality product that meets the standards of industry.

These tools are designed and manufactured to high quality standards so that they will produce quality components efficiently.

Precision Engineering

 With our precision engineering facilities we can manufacture parts out of suitable materials with high quality standards.

From the manufacture of shafts to welding plates, we are able to offer a service to meet your engineering needs.

Machine Manufacture

 With the use of our simulated models created by our design studio, we are able to create machines according to customer requests.

There range from robotic machines to simple bread cutting machines.

Machines are designed and made to accomodate the needs of our clients.


 Plastic injection moulding has become a huge part of industry. We have been designing and manufacturing moulds for the plastics industry for years. These moulds produce quality components with the least amount of wastage possible.

We also offer an injection moulding facility for your injection moulding needs.

Our expertise include extrusion tools, die casting and vac-form mouldings.